Delivers a 24 hours comprehensive share trading service specially tailored to all your stock broking needs. Offering live market prices, live charting, financial information and analysis, POEMS ensures every investment is made more confidently and conveniently
Incorporated into POEMS, Dataline gives round-the-clock access to in-depth market research, financial data and company reports of publicly traded companies in the SET markets to facilitate a professional investment decision.
Convenience that renders mobility and ease of execution for the independent investor. Whether in the office or on the move, Phillip's Telebroker ensures you are well-informed for all your trading needs. Telebroker comes free with a POEMS trading account.

Incorporated in to
POEMS, Phillip provides comprehensive
information on large
selections of funds.
Phillip Fund SuperMart can be powerful
supplement to your
decision making
& valuable money
management tool.

Scoreboard is a specially developed, computer-assisted charting service. Its main aim is to provide end-of-day daily stock prices, that with a charting software (MetaStock) that are equipped with useful and powerful technical analysis tools, will assist investors in making fruitful and profitable investment decisions.

The Investment Banking Department at Phillip Securities (Thailand) PLC , continuously develops our ability to cope with growing markets. Our primary strategy is to provide a full range of financial services: advisory and placement of initial public offerings, debt instrument, privatization, mergers & acquisition, private placement, business development, financial engineering, and securitization.

Phillip Securities (Thailand) (PST) is ready to provide online trading of SET50 Index Futures. With POEMS Futures, you are able to place orders to buy/sell SET50 Index Futures through internet. At this stage, all orders placed through internet will subject to check and submit by our qualified dealers.





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