Delivers a 24 hours comprehensive share trading service specially tailored to all your stock broking needs. Offering live market prices, live charting, financial information and analysis, POEMS ensures every investment is made more confidently and conveniently

Create you favourite stock portfolio
View last done, bid and ask prices
Access open, high, low with buying / selling volumes
Monitor Market performance with Top 20 Volume, Gainers and Losers.

Place buy/sell orders round-the-clock
Monitor trade order execution / status
Monitor intraday counter price movement
Analyse historical data with Open, High, Low, Close, Candlesticks, Dot and Line Charts
Study price movement / trend using Moving Average, Convergence /Divergence (MACD), Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Stochastic Oscillator
Personal Account Information
Track outstanding contract positions
View updated account positions, and monthly statements
Manage diversified portfolio and track trading performance with our personal portfolio management
Now with POEMS Internet, Investors can gain access to Live buy and sell volume, Net Change, Day Open, High and Low prices which would enable you to gain an edge over every trading opportunity in the SET stock market
POEMS Internet delivers the ease of managing your diversified portfolio at the click of a mouse. This advanced investment tool pegs your portfolio to the latest market prices and calculate the weighted average cost of your stocks. Armed with this information, you can keep track on the performance of your investments and make confident decisions to maximise returns.
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