What is POEMS?
Phillip's On-line Electronic Mart System is a user-friendly computer software that fulfills all your stockbroking needs at the click of a button. POEMS is an advanced investment tools that is specially tailored to meet your trading needs. It allows you to get access to the trading world as and when you like, 24 hours a day, at your own timing and privacy. Trading at your own pace gives you total control of your investment plans.
What are the benefits of POEMS?

As our exclusive client, you enjoy these powerful features 24 hours a day, 7 days a week :
Trade on-line with confidence and total control
Free real time quotes
Access up-to-date account and trading position information instantly
Access latest daily corporate news, research and financial information of listed companies from SET markets
Live charting with Metastock online
Mail to Analyst
Stock Alert

Phillip's Telebroker is a 24 hours, automated phone service which gives you immediate access to trading, research and portfolio information at a touch of a button anytime, anywhere. It is available to all Phillip's clients for FREE.
What are the benefits of TELEBROKER?

Trade on-line with confidence and total control
Free real time quotes
Access up-to-date account and trading position information instantly
Research analysis

Dataline comes free with POEMS, and is incorporated in POEMS. It is your key to corporate news, financial data and research commentary of listed companies in SET. User friendly analytical tools allows you to compare, rank and select stocks based on your investment criteria.
With Dataline, you can have round the clock access to in-depth market research financial data and analytical tools that professional investors rely on.
What are the benefits of DATALINE?
Lastest Daily news on listed companies in SET markets
Daily Research Commentary
Weekly Market Commentary
Latest Annual Reports
Latest 5-year Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet Summaries
Bonus, Rights and Dividends Updates
Financial Ratios
Chairman's Statement
Background and Principal Activities of Listed Companies
Subsidiaries & Associated Companies
Other Corporate Information/ data
Stock analysis tools
Intraday news
Scoreboard is a specially developed, computer-assisted charting service. Its main aim is to provide end-of-day daily stock prices, that with a charting software (MetaStock) that is equipped with useful and powerful technical analysis tools, will assist investors in making fruitful and profitable investment decisions. The price charts are updated daily by modem via the Internet. User can store the full historical data and his favorite charts on his own PC. All the user needs to do is to login to our website and download the latest end-of-the-day prices which will be relayed through the modem into his personal computer (PC). Hence, the system is extremely versatile and user-friendly.
What technical analysis tools are available in the Metastock Charting Software?
Virtually all the commonly used tools for technical analysis are available (e.g. Moving Averages, MACD, RSI, Stochastic, Trendlines, Candlesticks, etc). The system also has a range of other facilities, such as Fibonacci Arcs, Gann Angles, Percent Retracement, AnalysisTemplates, etc to make analysis easier.
How can I start using Scoreboard?
You need:
a hard disk with at least 200MB free capacity
a 3comUsRobotics compatible 28,800bps or higher bps modem
a charting software package (Metastock)
a formatted historical database
an annual subscription of the Scoreboard service
What is PRISM?
PRISM is our proprietary investment rating methodology. It's an acronym of Phillip Research Investment Strategy Model. In a nutshell, we rate stocks on two factors: value and momentum. For value, we refer to the "soundness" of current market price according to our company analysts' views. Valuation criteria employed are different from one stock to another based on nature of business. For momentum, we refer to the degree of "robustness" and "sustainability" of the prevailing price trend as measured by technical indicators. PRISM provides a balanced view between long-term and short-term perspective on investments which helps serve both retail clients with shorter investment horizon as well as long-term investors time their tactical entry and exit. Click here to see details of PRISM Recommendation System. Readers can get the full-version PRISM Report on the 15th of every month. However, due to increasingly volatile market, we regularly update our investment ratings every Monday in our PRISM Update to keep our readers updated to the changes.

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Who can apply for POEMS trading account?
Anyone above 20 years old.
How do I apply for POEMS trading account?
For Phillip Securities trading account holders
Prepaid Account
Just approach your dealer or our POEMS customer support to register for POEMS. A POEMS start-up kit would be provided for all POEMS account holders at no monthly/subscription fee upon registration.
Cash Internet Account
Inside POEMS, you can print out the "Automatic Transferred Service (ATS)" on announcement page by selecting "forms" from the side bar menu, then click the appropriate forms. Then sign the forms and send them back to your dealer or POEMS customer support.

For non Phillip Securities trading account holders
If you currently do not have a trading account with Phillip Securities (Thailand), you are required to :
Prepaid Account
1. Complete and sign an Application for Account Opening. The Application & agreement must be signed in the presence and be witnessed by an authorized representative of Phillip Securities (Thailand)
2. Sign the Authorized Specimen Signature Card (2 Cards with 2 signatures on each card)
3. Attach a certified true copy of your I.D. Card or Passport, House Registration, Tax I.D. Card & last 6 months' Bank Statement or Payroll Slip
4. 30 Baht for stamp.
Cash Internet Account
1. Complete and sign an Application for Account Opening. The Application & agreement must be signed in the presence and be witnessed by an authorized representative of Phillip Securities (Thailand)
2. Sign the "Automatic Transferred Service" (ATS)
3. Sign the Authorized Specimen Signature Card (2 Cards with 2 signatures on each card)
4. Attach a certified true copy of your I.D. Card or Passport, House Registration, Tax I.D. Card & last 6 months' Bank Statement or Payroll Slip
5. 30 Baht for stamp.

If I reside outside Thailand, can I open a poems account in Thailand ?
You can by :
1. Completing and signing an Application for Account Opening
2. Signing the Authorized Specimen Signature Card (2 Cards with 2 signatures on each card)
3. Attaching a certified true copy of your I.D. Card or Passport, your Bank Statement or Payroll Slip for the
last 6 months
4. Enclosing 30 Baht for tax duty stamp.

*All agreements and copy of documents must be signed in the presence of and be witnessed and verified by a Notary Public.
Remark: Residents outside Thailand can only open a Prepaid Account

How long will it take before I can use POEMS?
It takes 1 working day for the account opening process. After your account application is approved, your account no. , Password and Pin Code will be sent to you by separate mails. You can then access POEMS. To start trading, a minimum deposit of amount Baht 50,000 is required.
When will I receive the account no. and password?
After your account is approved, your account no., password and PIN Code will be sent to you by separate mails on the next 2 days.
What is the difference between Password and PIN code?
Password is requested to access POEMS via Internet, while PIN code is used to access POEMS via "Telebroker".
Can I apply for an account on-line ?
You can print POEMS application form from our homepage and send us via mail. Sent to POEMS - Phillip Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited 15th fl., Vorawat Bldg.,849 Silom Rd., Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand.

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When trading stock, how much do I have to pay for a commission fee?
a minimum charge of 30 Baht per order and 50 Baht per account will be applied (except Prepaid Account, the minimum charge is 30 Baht per account). The commission rates are as follows:


POEMS, W@P 0.15-0.25%* 0.15-0.25%* 0.15-0.25%*
POEMS(OFFICE CORNER) 0.15-0.25%* 0.15-0.25%* 0.15-0.25%*
TELEBROKER 0.25% 0.25% N.A.
DEALER 0.25% 0.25% 0.25%
* Depending on service


If the commission fee through any channel is higher than the minimum charge (50 Baht or 30 Baht for Prepaid Account only), we will charge you the actual amount.
Are there any additional charges when I use POEMS to trade?
No, there is no additional charges. You will be charged only the commission fee from the transaction.
Deposit & Withdrawal
How do I make a deposit to Prepaid Account or Cash Account?
Just transfer/deposit cash or cheque payable to "Phillip Securities (Thailand)",to any one of the following Phillip's bank accounts:


BBL Head Office 101-3-22198-9 Current account
BOA Bangrak 007-1-57994-1 Saving account
KBANK Phaholyothin 099-2-98481-3 Saving account
KBANK Sathorn 038-2-57209-2 Saving account
KTB Nana Nua 000-6-20045-1 Current account
SCB Wireless Road 049-3-10044-3 Current account
SCIB Silom 103-2-20009-5 Saving account
TBANK Siam Discovery 040-3-00005-7 Saving account
TMB Head Office 001-1-29131-7 Current account
UOB Sathorn Road 047-2-09675-9 Saving account


Remark: After you made the deposit with the bank, you have to advise us by filling in the "Deposit Advice" form inside POEMS under the "Trade Limit" menu or by sending by fax to our Operation Department your pay-in slip complete with your name and Account no. Fax to 0-2635-1615.
How soon can I trade, after I made the deposit with the bank?
If advance deposit is paid by Cash Transfer and deposit advice is received by us before 10.00 hr., you can start trading at 10.30 hr.
If advance deposit is paid by Cash Transfer and deposit advice is received by us 10.30-14.30 hr., you can start trading at 15.00 hr.
If advance deposit is paid by Cash Transfer and deposit advice is received by us after 15.00, you can start trading on the next day.
If advance deposit is paid by Cheque and deposit advice is received by us before noon, you can start trading on the day after next.
If advance deposit is met by Securities Transferring (For ETL account), you can start trading on the next day after we received your securities.
What do I need to do, when I want to withdraw my cash deposit?
Just fill in the "Withdrawal Request" inside POEMS , then click submit. If the cash withdrawal request is received before 11.00 am, the money will be deposited into your bank account on the next working day for KBANK/BBL/SCB/TMB/ASIA. For other banks, the request will be effected on the next 2 working days.
When do I start earning interest on my cash deposit?
the company calculates interest based on your outstanding cash balance at the end of each day. The calculation is made on the next business day after the company collected payment from the bank and/or on the day that the company pays the sell value into your account. The interest amount will be deposited into your account at the end of each month after a deduction of 15% withholding tax.
The current interest rate is 1.25% per annual and is subject to change without prior notice.
If I would like the company to transfer money to my bank account in the upcountry, is there any fee or expense that I need to pay?
Yes. There are expenses involved as follows :
1. Bank charges at 20 baht per transfer transaction.
2. Bank remittance fee. Most banks will charge 10 baht for each 10,000 baht transferred.

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What support is provided?
A comprehensive user guide provides a step-by-step guidance to the usage of POEMS and Dataline. If you need assistance or a free demonstration, our Customer Service Officers are ever ready to serve you between 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Or contact us at our HOTLINE 02-63-53-123 or fax us at 02-63-53-100. You can also email us at poems@phillip.co.th
If I would like to know more about how to trade through "POEMS", what should I do?
You can attend our "POEMS Internet Trading Course". We provide this course every month. You can check the schedule on POEMS homepage by clicking the "Demonstration Course" banner.
Which market can I trade on?
Currently, poems.in.th provides trading in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)
Are quotes on POEMS live?
Quotes price given are real time and dynamic, or in "Ticker" form. You can monitor witch the stock market movement with accuracy and high speed.
Are the services 24 hours?
Yes, you can access both POEMS and Telebroker to place orders 24 hours a day. Trading sessions for SET are 9.55 am - 12:30 p.m. and 14:30 p.m. - 16:35 p.m.
Can I place buy/sell orders while the market is closed? How?
You can place buy/sell orders while the market is closed after 5.01 p.m. Your orders will be sent to the Internet trading system on the following day, then the system will automatically verify your credit limit and the stocks position of your portfolio. If you have insufficient funds or securities, your order will be rejected.
What can I do if I can not get to the computer and still want to trade?
You can use the Telebroker services or contact your dealer to place your order .
What do I do if I don't have an email account and want one?
Simply open a free email account at www.hotmail.com or www.yahoo.com, or www.thaimail.com.
How can I open an Acrobat file(.pdf file)?
Please download the Acrobat Reader program onto your PC for free from POEMS homepage. This program is legally distributed to any users free of charge.
Can I access POEMS from overseas?
Yes, if you have Internet access with Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher on Windows 95 operating system. Keep in mind that Thailand's standard time is GMT+7.
What do I do if I can't remember my password or PIN code?
You can ask for new password and PIN code through our POEMS Customer Support. The amendment form will be sent to you for filling in and sign. After you fax the form back to us and your signature is verified, a new set of password and PIN code will be mailed to you on the next working day.
What should I do, if I can not access www.poems.in.th?
Currently we have registered an alternative URL: www1.poems.in.th , so you can access POEMS with this as well.
What is Q&A? What is the benefit of Q&A?
Secret Question and Answer is a secret code. For your account security, you have to confirm your Q&A before any changes of your given information. First time when you login to POEMS, the message box will shown and ask you to fill in the Q& A. You can change your Q&A any time you want, just click at "Change Q&A" on announcement page.

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What are the system requirements for POEMS?
All you need
A trading account with Phillip Securities (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd.
IBM compatible Pentium 166MHz and above
32MB RAM and above
40MB of hard-disk space
A modem (at least 33.6kbps, 56.6 is highly recommended)
Windows 95 operating system
SVGA or higher resolution monitor with 256 colors minimum
Internet Explorer 5.0 or Netscape 4.7 or above
A current ISP account
Can I use a laptop/notebook to access POEMS?
Yes, as long as your laptop/ notebook meets the minimum system requirements.
What determines the speed and reliability of my Internet connection?
The most important factor is probably the quality of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). There are many ISP's in Thailand. Choose one that is fast and reliable. We also recommend that you use Internet Explorer (versions 5.0, up) rather than Netscape Navigator, as the format of the web page has been designed to be best viewed via Internet Explorer. You can "download Internet Explorer" for free by clicking it on our "Login Page"
How fast is the system compared with traditional trading ?
The speed of the system will depend partly on your speed of data entry, your equipment (PC & Modem), and the quality of service provided by your ISP. Just like the traditional trading will depend on the speed and clarity of your speech, your dealer's speed of data entry, the speed of the broker's system etc
How many users can your system support ?
The capacity of POEMS will never be static but grows with our customers, as will our overall quality of service.
Who can I contact if I have further questions or need additional information?
You can email your questions at poems@phillip.co.th as well as call our POEMS Customer Support at Hotline 02 63 53 123.

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What precautions should I take for POEMS Trading?
Remember to logout of the system whenever you leave your computer. Contact us immediately if you notice any unusual transactions on your account .
How to ensure that no one has access to my account?
While we do take appropriate measures to protect the system, you play a very important role by maintaining confidentiality of your password and your Personal Identification Number(PIN) for the account

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