Established in 1975 in Singapore, Phillip Securities began as a small localized stock broking company. It has grown steadily and progressively since then, remaining profitable each year despite the vagaries of economic conditions. Today, the Phillip Group consists of 30 main operating entities, employing well over 2,000 employees located in 11 countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, France and China.

Within the nexus of the fastest growing region in the world - the FAR EAST - the Group offers a comprehensive, "total investment service".

The Phillip Group is solidly capitalized to meet the demands of institutional clients and sufficiently caring to ensure that service is not compromised even for the retail customer. Research and state of the art technology are the hallmarks of its commitment to service, par excellence.

Always in the forefront of innovation and constantly expanding its range of investment products to meet the changing needs of stock markets, the Group pioneered internet stock trading by first introduced POEMS (Phillip's On-line Electronic Mart System), the internet stock trading system in October 1996. Today, investors can enjoy POEMS as a one-stop investment service, which enables the investors to access a wide range of financial products and services, in depth financial information, and trade directly anytime of the day and from anywhere in the world.

Phillip Securities Group expanded its business into Thailand in 1998, by taking over Amsteel Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited, formerly known as First Asia Securities Public Company Limited, to become Phillip Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited, a member of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, SET member No. 34. The Company has since been growing progressively and now has about 300 people located at the Silom Head Office, and Branches at Yaowaraj, Vibhavadeerangsit, Srinakarin, Bangkapi, Hua Lamphong, Rungsit, KhonKaen, Phisanulok, Had Yai, Chumporn and Sakonnakorn.

Phillip Securities (Thailand) currently offers the full stock brokerage service, and in December 1999 launched POEMS with Phillip's Telebroker to become the first Stock Broker in Thailand to offer internet and mobile stock trading to the Thai investors. In line with the overall strategy of the Group, Phillip Securities (Thailand) will continue to introduce and expand its products and services to compliment and assist in the growth of the market in Thailand.

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Unlike Somerset Maugham's primitive eastern world, the Far Eastern region today is a paradigm for prosperity. Economic growth in recent years has averaged 8% per annum compared with 3% in the major OECD countries.

A high domestic saving rate, rich natural resources, a pool of skilled labour and political stability - these have been mainly responsible for much of the development. Feeding overall economic growth is the presence of healthy capital markets. These markets offer tremendous opportunities for participation in the bullish megatrends that are evident: energy exploration, industrialization, tourism, infrastructural development and privatization, to name but a few.

As investment specialists, The Phillip Group is well placed to monitor and identify these trends. We seek to revitalize and diversify sources of capital, making them major components of the overall, dynamic economies of the Far East.

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Our greatest asset. Drawn from a diversity of professional backgrounds, their blend of experience, skill and dedication is shared with all our clients.


Innovative and enthusiastic. We emphasize adequate, thorough research on local and world-wide developments, balancing these with the astute discovery of intrinsic values, synergies and growth.


Simply to help you maximize returns. Your interests - no matter how big or small - come first.


Comprehensive and available to meet every investment and financial need.


To provide service, par excellence and become your spirit of change.

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